Congratulations to the following students who were appointed 2019 Prefects.

Senior Prefect: D’Cody Mortensen
Head Boy: Keenan Rush
Head Girl: Gabrielle Togiatama

Tevita Ofa, Thor Manase, Nathanael Tu’uta, Fotu Fisi’i’ahi, Seruwaia Matairavula, Wharekauri Ormsby, Unaloto Puamau, Soana Aholelei, Jone Seniceva

Gabrielle Togiatama, Keenan Rush and D’Cody Mortensen. 


Wesley College looking ahead

By Yana O’Gorman yana@districtspost.media 

Wesley College is renowned for their efforts on the sportsfield, but now, they’re also coming up the ranks in education achievement and it is something this year’s head students are extremely proud of. 

Senior prefect D’Cody Mortensen, head boy Keenan Rush and head girl Gabrielle Togiatama, all aged 17, are enjoying their roles, just five weeks in. 

“We didn’t find out our roles until they announced it at school. It was a big surprise,” said Keenan. 

Keenan who loves his sports and leads in those areas said, “We get to do big things with this school.” 

D’Cody added that Wesley College has great heritage and history. 

“Our school is the oldest in New Zealand. It’s a cool record to hold, no-one beats us at that. The school has changed over time. We are known for our rugby success, but our NCEA achievement is going up too,” he said.

Keenan said, “We’ve all played a part academically. Last year, we had the highest level 2 pass rate which is quite an achievement.” 

Head girl Gabrielle said she would love to see more than the academics. “We want to strive for excellence, but also see more bonding between the year groups.”

The school has around 380 students, many of whom are boarders. 

As well as having goals for the school, the head leaders have goals for their futures. Keenan hopes to pursue rugby, but also has university on the cards. “The main reason I came here was for rugby, but if it’s going good, then I’ll pursue it. Uni is my second option, but I’d like to get into physiotherapy. It’s my back up plan in tune with sports.”

D’Cody said he is also interested in pursuing sport, but will have a fall back plan with university, or start an apprenticeship. 

For Gabrielle, she is passionate about music and would follow that pathway, or study Communications. 

The three students are passionate about their school and the highlights it has brought them. 

Gabrielle said a highlight has been the love she has learnt. “Without it sounding cliche,” she said, “I’ve learnt to be more patient and loving to others and myself.” 

Keenan said rugby has been a highlight. From travelling 12 hours to Wellington, to winning the Chiefs Cup against Rotorua Boys High School for the first time, and being the curtain raiser for the Chiefs. 

D’Cody said, “There’s something about this school where we just have great camaraderie. The brotherhood and sisterhood is strong. We’re family.” He said the faith aspect is another thing he values about the school. “We’re one of the few schools that is still centred around God. We have chapel. It gives us great faith and great school pride, which means even though we’re small, we’re capable of competing on a higher level.”

All three leaders are excited to work together in 2019, alongside the wider student leadership, and look forward to seeing Wesley College students excel in all areas of their education. 

“I’d like people to remember us as head leaders. That we would be a change for the good,” D’Cody said. 



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