What Wesley is doing well……..

  • Wesley uses the flexibility of the NCEA model to meet student needs.
  • The school focuses on supporting and enhancing student achievement by promoting positive behaviour for learning as its vision.
  • Teachers meet student needs.
  • Self-review is based on data analysis to support effective course planning.
  • The school engages students through both academic and vocational pathways.
  • Individualised learning programmes and relevant assessment contexts are provided to support student needs.
  • Students interviewed explained that career advice, mentoring and form teacher support helps them achieve their NCEA goals.
  • Those at risk of not achieving are identified and supported. Interventions are provided to assist students as appropriate.
  • Staff could clearly describe the steps they take to complete the internal moderation process.
  • Teachers respond to external moderation feedback and establish action plans with the PN.
  • Staff have made effective changes in practice, seeking new verifiers, rewriting assessment materials, and redesigning courses to better meet student needs.
  • Assessment data is reported to NZQA in a timely manner.
  • HODs analyse results and report annually to the Principal who summarises comparative and longitudinal trends for the BOT.
  • Information on assessment and moderation is effectively communicated to staff, students and whanau through a range of media.
  • The school provides regular updates to students through credit summaries and progress reports to students and whanau.


NCEA Pre-Budget Announcement
Information for Schools

On 13 May, the Minister of Education made a significant pre-budget announcement around NCEA. The Minister’s pre-budget announcement can be found in full at and had three major parts:

• fees will no longer be charged for participating in NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship, with funding instead to be provided directly to NZQA by Government
• the Government will fund the continued roll out of NCEA Online
• the Minister released the Government’s high-level intentions following the NCEA Review.

Information about what this means for schools and a short Q&A about removing fees is below. If you have any questions about the NCEA Review, these should be directed to the Ministry of Education.

What this means for schools
• Schools should stop collecting fees from New Zealand domestic students, and students from the Cook Islands and Niue, who are entering for NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship
• Schools will be expected to refund any fees already collected from these students for 2019
• Schools should stop processing applications for financial assistance with NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees, as these are no longer payable

NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship removal of fees – Q&A
Who does the removal of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees cover?

The removal of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees will apply to all domestic students, and students from the Cook Islands and Niue, enrolled at a secondary school participating in NCEA or New Zealand Scholarship.

Results reported through the tertiary pathway will continue to incur credit fees.

Does this mean NZQA will stop or reduce the Administration payments to schools?

No – the Administration payments will continue at their current level. These payments cover a range of tasks schools perform, with collection of fees for NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship only a small part.

Will fees for 2019 be refunded if they have already been paid to NZQA?

Yes – any fees remitted to NZQA on behalf of students will be returned to schools to be refunded.

How should schools refund fees which have already been paid for 2019?

Schools should arrange for the timely refund of fees. Where a school has already remitted fees to NZQA these should be refunded in a timely manner once they have been returned by NZQA.

What can we tell students who have unpaid fees from previous years??

Unpaid fees from previous years no longer need to be paid, and over the next few weeks NZQA will award credits and qualifications earned in previous years where fees were not paid.
If students have an urgent requirement, they can phone 0800 697 296 or email our Data Management and Learner Records team at NZQA to arrange for the award.

Will NZQA or schools be expected to refund fees paid for 2018 or previous years?


Will schools still need to collect fees from international students?

Yes – the removal of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees only applies to New Zealand domestic students, and students from the Cook Islands and Niue.