Returning to School

Kia Ora Whanau

As you know we will be back at school on Monday, day students are to arrive at normal time and boarders are to return by 5pm Monday Evening. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back.

School buses will be running, face masks are not mandatory on school transport but obviously they can be worn by choice.

Every day a young person attends school matters because it:

  • increases their ability to achieve
  • provides an important emotional and support network for them, with their friends and classmates
  • keeps them engaged in learning
  • gives them direct contact with their teachers
  • is an environment where the focus is on their safety, wellbeing and learning
  • helps them feel more comfortable transitioning throughout their schooling journey
  • is not just now but their future that counts.

Key health measures to prevent spread

  • Our school has very good processes in place to continue to keep your child as safe as possible, including extra cleaning and arrangements in our dining room.
  • At Alert Level 2 COVID-19 is contained
  • However there is still some risk of community transmission at Alert Level 2, so we all need to follow our good practices to keep ourselves, family and whānau safe including:
    • Washing your hands regularly with soap and water including before and after eating, after blowing your nose, after visiting a public space including public transport, before, during and after caring for a sick or vulnerable person, after using the toilet etc.
    • Coughing and sneezing into your elbow.
    • Staying at home if you are sick and checking with your GP or Healthline to see if you need to get tested (a reminder that Healthline is free to call – 0800 611 116 and they have people who speak many different languages).
    • If you are recommended to get tested please do so – testing is free.
    • At home, clean your surfaces regularly particularly the ones that are often touched such as taps and door handles.
    • Keep a physical distance from people you don’t know (2 metres wherever possible).
    • If you are in an enclosed space with people you don’t know, such as on public transport, wear a face covering as they can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the spread of droplets.

Alert Level 2 advice

Do children and young people need to wear face coverings at schools at Alert Level 2?
No. Children and young people do not need to wear face coverings because the risk of infection within the school environment is low. Other public health control measures will be in place including children and staff staying home if they are sick, contact tracing, and hygiene requirements.

Do teachers need to wear face coverings at early learning services and schools at Alert Level 2?
No. Teachers do not need to wear face coverings at Alert Level 2. Other public health measures will be in place including children and staff staying home if they are sick, contact tracing, and hygiene requirements.

Do children and young people need to wear face coverings on school transport, or transport provided by early learning services, at Alert Level 2?
No. Children and young people are not required to wear face coverings wrapped around the nose and mouth on school transport or early learning service transport. This includes buses or vans chartered or used by schools or early learning services to carry children, students and staff. Good hygiene measures, contact tracing and staying away if sick will remain in place.

Ngā mihi nui

Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD


Kia Ora whanau

I hope all is well.

As you know, Level 3 lockdown finishes this Sunday at 11.59 pm. I am very conscious of losing another day on Monday, so tried for an exemption to get boarders in on Sunday night, however, this was not permitted.

Therefore, it is vital all boarders return Monday by 5pm or earlier.

Day students will return Monday morning for classes as normal; school starts with Chapel at 8.35. It is vital they attend, and teachers can gauge where they are at academically. School buses will be running.

We are planning for our students return, how the rest of the academic year will progress and how we will look after our student’s well-being while at school.

There are many things still up in the air for now, such as sport, Auckland has a different Level 2 compared to the rest of the country which means there can be no team sports until September 12th at earliest.

Ngā mihi nui

Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD


Kia ora koutou

It was a big relief to hear we are moving back to Alert Level 2 at the beginning of next week. We look forward to welcoming all our students and staff back onsite at that time!

Thank you once more to our parents and caregivers for the support and resilience you have shown through Alert Level 3.

Strong vigilance, good hygiene practices, coupled with the hard work our health authorities are doing to identify and support any confirmed cases and their close contacts remain important for all of us.

Just a reminder that while everyone is onsite at Alert Level 2 next week, we must adhere to key health measures including:

  • Good hand hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Staying away if sick
  • Keeping the appropriate physical distance from others (in class this means no touching each other and keeping out of breathing distance)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting our high touch surfaces daily
  • Displaying QR code posters at our entrances and encouraging all of our community to download the NZ COVID Tracer App and use it if they come onsite
  • Keeping a visitor register for anyone who cannot use the app and for other visitors who come onsite for a period of time.

We know all these things will help to keep our community as safe as possible therefore, your child does not need to wear a face covering while at school. We will of course support them should they choose to do so.

For those of you who might be finding things more difficult than usual, a reminder that there is a large range of support available for businesses and the community. We encourage you to go to for more information, or get in touch and we will help you to find the information and support you need.

Ngā mihi nui

Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD




Kia ora Whanau,

I hope that you are all safe and well.

Just a quick update to let you know that this weeks distance learning will be posted for students on Monday morning.

The Prime Minister is expected to make an announcement on Monday regarding alert levels. Once we have this information, we will provide a further update.

Last week, you may have been aware the Government made a decision that we have the option to bring some Year 12 and 13 students onsite under Alert Level 3.

This is a very serious undertaking and because of that, the health criteria is very strict. As I am sure you will appreciate, this is not something schools have been required to put in place and it is not an entitlement for students.

The decision to apply to do this is entirely at our discretion.

We have considered this option very carefully and on balance, and, for last week at least, decided this is not an appropriate action for our school to take at this time, particularly given the virus cases have been around our community.

We will review that early this week. If any students are required to come into school, we will be in touch. In the meantime, we have a strong online programme and good supports in place for our students.

If you have any concerns about your child’s learning and wellbeing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch [with the academic mentor/dean/head of department].

Ngā mihi nui

Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD


Kia Ora Whanau

I hope things are going well, you are all safe and our students on getting on diligently with their online learning plans.

As you may be aware the Government has agreed to give principals the option of bringing some of the Year 12 and 13 students back to school for face to face learning during Alert Level 3. It goes without saying that there are added health risks in having more children travelling to and attending school, so meeting health requirements is essential in planning for the return of more students.

Wesley College has applied to the Ministry of Education and at this stage we have received approval for a small handful of teachers and students to be on site to complete some practical tasks. Please note, that unless a teacher has contacted your son/daughter, no one else should be on site.

Students coming in to school will be notified by their teacher of the days and times. No school uniform is required, just a suitable standard of dress. Please note, no lunch will be provided so please come prepared.

The hostels will not be open at this stage. Unfortunately there are also no school buses available.

There will be stringent health requirements in place as follows:

  • Physical distancing must be observed at all times – 1m inside and 2m outside
  • Students must be organised into bubbles of no more that 20 with one teacher
  • The student make-up of each bubble cannot change throughout Alert Level 3
  • Bubbles must not mix with each other inside or outside in the school grounds
  • A teacher cannot be associated with more than one bubble of students but a bubble of students can have more than one teacher throughout Alert Level 3.
  • Rigorous hand washing and drying must be adhered to and hand sanitizer available at the entrance to classrooms
  • Coughing and sneezing must be into the elbow
  • Students and teachers must stay home or be asked to go home if they are unwell.
  • It goes without saying that rigorous adherence to the public health requirements is essential for the safety and wellbeing of your students, teachers and their families.

At this stage of the year, it is crucial students at home are working to their best and self-managing. Despite the disruptions we have every confidence we are tracking in the right direction academically.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to being back at school very soon.

Ngā mihi nui

Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD


Kia Or Whanau

An update from the Ministry of Education of online learning support available:

As in the previous COVID-19 lockdown, our two distance learning websites are live, and will continue to be updated:

Home Learning TV | Papa Kāinga TV is also back to support learning for children aged 2-to-11 years while Auckland remains in Alert Level 3 and the rest of the country in Alert Level 2.

Home Learning TV | Papa Kāinga TV will take over TVNZ DUKE’s daytime schedule 9am to 1pm on week days. Programming for younger children includes the popular Karen’s House at 9am.  DUKE is available on Freeview channel 13, Sky and Vodafone TV channel 23.  It can be live streamed on the TVNZ website, All earlier episodes of Home Learning TV | Papa Kāinga TV remain available on TVNZ OnDemand.

Teachers can access details of the upcoming week’s lessons on the Learning from Home website’s HLTV page so they can plan ahead, and incorporate the lessons into their teaching programmes. Lesson plans are also available to support teachers.

Mauri Reo Mauri Ora is back to support learning for children aged 0 to 18 years.  Mauri Reo Mauri Ora will be airing once again on Te Reo Māori Channel via SkyTV, Vodafone channel 82 and Freeview Channel 15 from 9am to 3pm on week days. Korou Whangataua, Juneea Silbery and Ani-Piki Tuari will host these interactive sessions focused on kōhungahunga in the morning through to wharekura in the afternoon.

Check out for more information, schedules and previous sessions.

Content will be available for catch up viewing on where you can also catch all the earlier episodes of Mauri Reo Mauri Ora.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the early learning kits, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Pacific families
For Pacific learners we have developed the Talanoa Ako Pacific Parent programme – Talanoa Ako on Air radio programme and Talanoa Ako Digital App Talanoa Ako app, both of which are still available.

Ngā mihi nui

Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD


Good Morning parents and caregivers

I hope this update finds you in good spirits. Here are our intentions for this new period of distance learning. We’ve tried to take on board feedback from teachers, students and parents from the previous lockdown in order to make sure our students can continue to learn and achieve through this current  lockdown. We are taking a slightly different approach this time around and encouraging students to ‘project manage’ their week, take ownership of their learning and plan ahead to develop lifelong learning skills. This will involve them:

  1. Finding out what learning they have for the week ahead
  2. Making checklists to ensure everything is included
  3. Thinking ahead and applying a time frame to individual tasks
  4. Considering the big picture, such as ‘where does this learning fit into my overall learning’

Where can students find their learning?

As before, all teachers will be using google classroom to post their items of learning. Teachers will post their learning for the whole week on a Monday morning with instructions of what to do, when to do it by, what to do if they get stuck and a time when they can reach their teacher.

How can students manage their learning?

Students are in control of their own learning throughout the week. Once they have collated all their learning on a Monday morning, they are to make a plan to manage their learning, ensure it is all attempted and get the most from it. To help students with this, they may need help organising their week. They should make a checklist which says the following:

  1. What learning tasks need to be done.
  2. When each item of learning needs to be done by
  3. What the specific details are for each learning task.

There are some online tools out there such as or which some students are already using. Alternatively students can simply use some some sticky notes or a sheet of paper. Encourage students to organise tasks like below in 3 columns, ‘to do’, ‘in progress’ and ‘done’. If students are stuck on a task, teachers will indicate when they are online and available for help.

In addition, students’ academic mentors will be checking in on students learning and well being throughout the week. Encourage students to share any concerns with them. 

Students may contact teachers and academic mentors via their school email account on microsoft outlook which can be found at office All teachers’ email addresses can be found on the school website. 



Kia Ora Whanau

Many of you will have seen the latest announcement, another 12 days at Level 3. This will take us to looking at being back at school on Thursday 27th August, although this is to be reviewed on the 21st of August by the Govt.

Rest assured, we are well planned and ready to go.

The office will be open on Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 12pm for families to come in to pick up chrome books. Families can come around the quad side to collect chrome books, or a power cord if required.

If you cannot make it to school please let us know and we can arrange delivery.

If you are an essential worker and you require your child to be at school, please advise.

From what we learnt last time on lockdown and from feedback received, we have developed our online learning approach.


  1. All subject teachers will post 1 item on Google Classroom on Monday morning to cover learning for the whole week. The post will contain:
    1. Detailed instructions of what to do
    2. Deadlines and what to do if students get stuck.
    3. A means of contacting teachers for extra help
    4. A time, once in the week (in your normal timetabled slots) for some face to face contact where students can ask questions.
  1. Students will ‘project manage’ their week by thinking ahead to consider:
    • Making checklists
    • Set time limits
    • Using a planner or calendar

To do this, they will need to look at all the learning they have on a Monday morning and make a plan for the week using a project management tool. Tools they could use are things like Trello, Mondays, google calendar, sticky notes or a simple planner.


  1. Academic mentors will check in with their mentees at least once throughout the week and share their project management platform and how it’s going. Mentors will contact parents if students do not appear to be active.


Please stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

Ngā mihi nui

Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD


Kia ora koutou College Sport Auckland Principals,

Following the Government’s update which took place at 1.00PM today, I wish to inform you that all College Sport events and activities scheduled for this weekend will not take place.  Like you, we had hoped that the Ministry of Health may have been in a position to advise us that Auckland would shift back to Alert Level 1 or 2 at midnight tomorrow, however, to date that has not been possible.  Given this, we can but assume that Auckland will remain at Alert Level 3 over the weekend and consequently, school sport would not possible due to the Government’s restrictions on gathering sizes.

Once it is safe to do so we will work to reschedule as many events and activities as is practical.    Rest assured, College Sport Auckland has waited as long as is practical to make this decision.

To reiterate, as we do not have clarity from the Government regarding any extension or upgrade of the current alert level, the most responsible option is for College Sport to make this announcement now, as we respect schools need time to get students organised for weekend sport.  We also understand this would be a more complex exercise to execute while students are not permitted onto your respective campuses.

Along with the seriousness with which you take the well-being of the students in your care, College Sport Auckland also treats the welfare and safety of students representing their schools as a priority. Sadly, on this occasion it means we must postpone all events and activities this weekend.

This information will be posted on our website and social media platforms.

A further update will be sent on Monday.

All College Sport Auckland staff will remain working from working from home.  They can be contacted by email at

Ngā mihi,

Mark Barlow
CEO | College Sport Auckland


Morena Whanau

You may be aware that a student at Mt Albert Grammar has tested positive for Covid-19, I advise that our 2nd XV played MAGS last Saturday.

There has been no indication that we are at any particular risk, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education through their contract tracing will contact all parties that may be considered high risk.  However, if your child has any flu like symptoms, or you have any concerns please get a test. If there are any further developments, I will let you know.

In terms of distance learning, students should complete any assignments they have already been issued and/or revise work from the past term. Teachers will post work where possible or students can contact their teachers. Once we have a clear picture of the next steps around this lockdown we will respond if required and recommence our distance learning programme.

Please take care and be safe over the next few days, we all hope we will be back to school on Monday.

Ngā mihi nui

Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD