Te Ika a Maui NISS Sevens – Sunday 21st & Monday 22nd March 2021

Overall goal for attending tournament:

  1. Exposure girls to 7’s and the game through  tournament exposure.
  2. Enjoying the experience of 7’s rugby

Standouts were our captains Telika and Sariyah – their leadership on and off the field was exceptional.

Good show of character, on field organisation and leadership – Milise Tau.

Most consistent players – Suana and Luella, Sugu always stepping up when required.

Overall all the girls stepped out of their comfort zone and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

They each learned something new about themselves and their ability.

For a young team, with 50% year 9’s, our goal was achieved and the girls showed the willingness to learn 7’s and characters of being part of a team.

Awesome effort from the team.

David Qaranivalu      Samuela Siliasau
Coach                       Coach

Letticia Jones            Co-captain Telika Tataua





2021 Annual General Meeting for the Wesley College Old Students Association immediately following Chapel on the 11th April 2021 for those who wish to attend.

The AGM will be held in the school dining room, if there is demand this may also be available via Zoom, subject to technical availability.

In the event the location is unavailable due to Covid or other complications we will fall back to a Zoom meeting on the day.

Any former pupil or staff member can attend the AGM but only paying members can vote or bring business.

Email:  info@wcosa.co.nz if you are not a member and want to be.

We need your attendance in order to shape and inform the association’s direction for the next year and to elect your committee to manage your upcoming events and activities.

If you would like to add something to the agenda please let me know as soon as possible and before the 9th April 2021.

Please RSVP as soon as possible using this link matthewhholloway+wcosa@gmail.com and advise if you are able to attend in person and/or by Zoom.

Updated agenda and Zoom details will only be circulated only to those who RSVP.

Kind regards,
Matthew Holloway
WCOSA President


From the Auckland Transport Travelwise team

We would like to support your school in making it easier for students to find information about how to access discounted travel.

As you may be aware, Auckland Transport this year has an updated process for students 16+ to get the student discount loaded on their AT HOP cards.

Click for more information


Kia Ora Whanau

As you are aware we are all able to return to school either Sunday evening (Boarders) and Monday morning (Day students). We are looking forward to seeing everyone and getting on with the year which has been going so well to date.

Please be assured we have things exceptionally well set up to continue to keep our environment as safe as possible. This includes hand sanitisers and extra cleaning duties taking place.

Also from the last email, you may not have been able to access this link. If you are unable to open it try cutting and pasting it into your browser:

There has also been one or two queries about getting the whole school to return to school with a negative Covid test. I understand this seems like a good idea. Please be assured I have checked and re-checked this and I am in almost daily contact with the Ministry of Health and Education. There is definitely no need to test an entire school and staff unless advised to do so. Like the rest of the country we must follow the very clear guidelines around testing. In fact Dr Bloomfield often reminds us NOT to test unless we meet specific criteria which are clearly laid out (symptoms, close contacts etc).

We are best to do our bit and follow the protocols, continue to monitor our school 24/7. This includes sharing any information that may be of concern to you around Covid. The Health clinic at school also has very robust systems set up.

Please be trusting of the processes in place. Unfortunately, like the rest of NZ, we can’t give any guarantees, nobody can, but we are very confident that we are not at any particular risk. If so, I am confident the MoH of MoE will contact us immediately.

As always if students or staff are unwell, or have particular health concerns then they must remain at home.

Ngā mihi nui
Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD


Kia Ora whanau

I hope you are all safe and well in your bubbles.

We would like to thank you for your continued support of teaching and learning during this most recent lockdown. Teachers report varying levels of engagement in the learning.

We have continued to adapt how we develop and present our online learning, and as you can imagine this relies on students and whanau playing their part at home.

We fully understand the pressure many are under at the moment, but we need your help to check and monitor your children’s learning, even a simple query about what they have done each day.

While the school has undertaken the distribution of devices to those who need them, it is disappointing to see that many students who are taking this up are in the Senior levels. BYOD has been part of Wesley College for over 4 years now, all students should have their own device to use at school and home.

The devices are funded by the Trust Board so are extremely reasonable to purchase. There is a payment plan available enabling you to pay off the device to an agreed amount and time frame.

Applications for this assistance is available from the school office on request. Please contact the school if you would like more information.

The past 12 months have shown us how crucial it is for students to able to switch quickly into online learning. But it’s not just a lock down concept. It’s the world our children are entering.

A student having their own device will lead to increased participation with learning, whether students are at school, during prep or at home or during future lockdowns. Parallel to having their own device, learning coaches will monitor and support learners to use their device for effective lifelong learning whereby students become more responsible, independent, and learning becomes a 24/7 activity.

A student having their own device, teachers are also able to personalise the learning so each student can learn at their own pace.

Learning becomes student driven. … we want independent, responsible learners – these traits will be beneficial after school in working life
Student collaboration and communication increases. … again, lifelong skills
Personalised instruction … teachers are there to ensure your child’s learning is customised for them

It is, and has been, our expectation that every student at Wesley will have their device.

Take care and be safe.

Ngā mihi nui
Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD