Please note the information below from Auckland Transport.

If students are using Auckland Transport buses they will require a HOP Card from now on.

The buses will no longer accept cash.


Dear Schools

If students at your school use a AT bus service for their school journey, please can you communicate to families that cash payments will not be accepted from next Monday to minimise the risk of the transmission of Covid-19 in our community.

More information from AT Metro is below.

Please note that all drivers should be aware that students who do not have an ATHOP card will still be able to travel.

Removing cash fares on buses and at service centres From Monday 23 March

From Monday 23 March 2020, Auckland Transport will be suspending cash fares on all buses.

We are doing this to minimise physical contact between customers, Auckland Transport staff and people who work on buses during Covid-19.
Customers will be expected to pay their fare using AT HOP cards only. This will eliminate cash handling on buses and at depots to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus through touching money and interacting with customers.
Our priority is to protect our customers and staff to ensure we can continue to deliver public transport.


Why are we removing cash payments from buses?

Eliminating cash handling reduces the risk of potential transmission of COVID-19.

Further measures will be put in place should instruction be given to Auckland Transport by the Ministry of Health.

The customer/student only has cash. Will they still be able to catch the bus?

–  Under no circumstances will school students be refused travel. If they have not got a HOP card, they will be provided with the information leaflet as they board.

–  We will still let people travel but will let customers know they will need a AT HOP card to travel next time.

–  There will be a leaflet given to customers who do not have a HOP card to explain why we are not accepting cash payments during Covid-19 and where they can get an AT HOP card.

To get a HOP card go to:
or visit a Customer Service Centre

Is it safe to travel on public transport?

We are making it safer for people to travel on buses, trains and ferries so long as they are feeling well.

Auckland Transport has already been taking proactive steps to ensure we are ready for a possible escalation of COVID-19. Some of these steps include:

–  Asking Aucklanders to follow the Ministry of Health’s guidelines on self-isolation

–  Giving personal hand sanitisers to our frontline staff and reminding them that washing and drying hands is still the most effective means of practising good hygiene

–  Cleaning AT buses, trains and ferries on a regular basis and stepping up the cleaning of surfaces like handrails. We have also identified plans to carry out even more extensive cleaning of our buses, trains, ferries and facilities, if recommended by the Ministry of Health

–  Building 14 new public hand sanitiser stands to install at key locations across our transport network. All toilets across our transport network are also being fitted with hand sanitiser dispensers

–  Making sure information and advice from the Ministry of Health on preventive measures are being supplied to our staff, operators and contractors. The frequency of these updates has increased since the first confirmed COVID-19 case in New Zealand was reported

–  Displaying Ministry of Health posters regarding COVID-19, as well as hand hygiene, in our offices, buses, trains, ferries and other facilities

–  Creating a COVID-19 section of our website, which we will continue to update with the latest information

We all have an important part to play in helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

For the latest information and advice from Auckland Transport go to:

For Ministry of Health updates go to:

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