Dear parents

With regard to distance learning, we know that some of our students do not have access to a laptop during lockdown. If your child does not have a laptop please email cwood@wesley.school.nz with your first and last name, and academic mentoring group.

Once we know numbers and have more information from the government about the duration and conditions of the lockdown we will be in touch with a plan on distributing devices.

Online learning has begun and teachers will contact students via email and Google Classroom. Please ensure your child is checking their school emails daily. Teachers will make a single post on a Monday on google classroom that outlines the learning for the week. For students to learn effectively, it is important for them to check google classroom regularly and organise their time so that all subject content is attempted. Students may find this challenging and parents / caregivers may find it beneficial to help students plan their day of learning, such as making checklists and managing time.

To access Email, students should logon to office365 using their school network login details. Then select ‘outlook’ from the list of apps. This can be done from any device that has internet access.

To access google classroom. Students will need to login to google using their school google account details. This can be done on any web browser.

Some classes may also be using Education Perfect. Again, this can be accessed from any web browser and will have the following format for logging in.

Username – WESCFirstnameLastname (case sensitive)

Password – firstname (all lower case)

NB – If students have problems logging into EP, it may be because their account is not activated, if so, there will be an activation email in their inboxes on outlook.

Some classes may have a live tutorial by zoom and will be posted via google classroom or email.

In addition to subject teachers, students should contact their learning coach if they are concerned about any aspect of their learning / credits or overall wellbeing.

Stay safe and hopefully see you soon.

Mr C Wood
Deputy Principal

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