International Enrolment

Wesley College is a Signatory to the Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

The following is a summary of the costs for an overseas student to attend Wesley College :

 Foreign Student Tuition Fees   NZ$  8,750
 Wesley College Boarding Fee   NZ$  7,320
 Stationery/personal expenses (approximately)  NZ$  1,000
 Uniform (approximately)  NZ$  1,000
 NCEA (examination fees) Year 11-13  NZ$  500
 Medical Insurance  NZ$  583

Students in New Zealand will also face personal expenses. 

New Zealand Government Requirements
The New Zealand Government requires students who do not hold New Zealand Citizenship or New Zealand Residency to have:
1. a current student visa;
2. a current student permit with Wesley College named as the education provider;
3. paid the foreign student tuition fee;
4. medical and travel insurance; and
5. a nominated New Zealand Caregiver.

Student Visa
The costs of obtaining a visa to enter New Zealand are the responsibility of the student’s family. Medical screening and a Police Clearance are required.

The Code of Practice
Wesley College has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Minister of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request from this institution or from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website at Code of Practice

New Zealand Immigration

Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand Immigration Service, and can be viewed on their website at

Eligibility for Health Services

Most International students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand. If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the full costs of that treatment. Full details on entitlements to publicly funded services are available through the Ministry of Health, and can be viewed on their website at

Accident and Medical Insurance

The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand, but you may still be liable for all other medical and related costs. Further information can be viewed on the ACC website at