The following is a message from the Auckland Regional Public Health Service –


Auckland is experiencing an unprecedented mumps outbreak. There have been over 370 cases with more than 60 schools affected this year. Schools have had to exclude students and staff with mumps and any close contacts who haven’t been fully immunised with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.


This has disrupted the school, the students’ learning and parents who have had to take time off work. Mumps can have serious complications requiring hospitalisation.


With exam and assessment time coming up in secondary schools, please suggest parents check their children have had two doses of the MMR vaccine. This will also protect students from the contagious measles and rubella viruses as well.


Please make your school community aware of the outbreak and the importance of MMR vaccination. Here is a link to a vaccination insert jpg for your school newsletter, social media or your website.


You’ll see it includes a website address and a phone number for parents with questions.


Thank you for your help in communicating these essential public health messages.