The public bus from PAPAKURA to Wesley College will end in October 2016. This means there will be no further public bus service available for students traveling from Papakura to Wesley College.

When the public service ends the Ministry of Education will provide a bus every day, morning and afternoon, to and from Wesley College. Students will have to be on time to catch the bus at Papakura. If they miss the bus students will have to board the train and travel to Pukekohe to catch a public bus back to the College. Please note that this public bus service will also be reduced and will not run every hour.

The Ministry of Education provides a Transport Conveyance Allowance to those students who qualify. The Allowance can assist families to pay for bus/transport related costs. As Wesley College is a State Integrated school you may be eligible to apply for the assistance. Please download the School Transport Assistance Allowance Form for your use and information.



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