What Wesley is doing well……..

  • Wesley uses the flexibility of the NCEA model to meet student needs.
  • The school focuses on supporting and enhancing student achievement by promoting positive behaviour for learning as its vision.
  • Teachers meet student needs.
  • Self-review is based on data analysis to support effective course planning.
  • The school engages students through both academic and vocational pathways.
  • Individualised learning programmes and relevant assessment contexts are provided to support student needs.
  • Students interviewed explained that career advice, mentoring and form teacher support helps them achieve their NCEA goals.
  • Those at risk of not achieving are identified and supported. Interventions are provided to assist students as appropriate.
  • Staff could clearly describe the steps they take to complete the internal moderation process.
  • Teachers respond to external moderation feedback and establish action plans with the PN.
  • Staff have made effective changes in practice, seeking new verifiers, rewriting assessment materials, and redesigning courses to better meet student needs.
  • Assessment data is reported to NZQA in a timely manner.
  • HODs analyse results and report annually to the Principal who summarises comparative and longitudinal trends for the BOT.
  • Information on assessment and moderation is effectively communicated to staff, students and whanau through a range of media.
  • The school provides regular updates to students through credit summaries and progress reports to students and whanau.

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