Good Morning parents and caregivers

I hope this update finds you in good spirits. Here are our intentions for this new period of distance learning. We’ve tried to take on board feedback from teachers, students and parents from the previous lockdown in order to make sure our students can continue to learn and achieve through this current  lockdown. We are taking a slightly different approach this time around and encouraging students to ‘project manage’ their week, take ownership of their learning and plan ahead to develop lifelong learning skills. This will involve them:

  1. Finding out what learning they have for the week ahead
  2. Making checklists to ensure everything is included
  3. Thinking ahead and applying a time frame to individual tasks
  4. Considering the big picture, such as ‘where does this learning fit into my overall learning’

Where can students find their learning?

As before, all teachers will be using google classroom to post their items of learning. Teachers will post their learning for the whole week on a Monday morning with instructions of what to do, when to do it by, what to do if they get stuck and a time when they can reach their teacher.

How can students manage their learning?

Students are in control of their own learning throughout the week. Once they have collated all their learning on a Monday morning, they are to make a plan to manage their learning, ensure it is all attempted and get the most from it. To help students with this, they may need help organising their week. They should make a checklist which says the following:

  1. What learning tasks need to be done.
  2. When each item of learning needs to be done by
  3. What the specific details are for each learning task.

There are some online tools out there such as or which some students are already using. Alternatively students can simply use some some sticky notes or a sheet of paper. Encourage students to organise tasks like below in 3 columns, ‘to do’, ‘in progress’ and ‘done’. If students are stuck on a task, teachers will indicate when they are online and available for help.

In addition, students’ academic mentors will be checking in on students learning and well being throughout the week. Encourage students to share any concerns with them. 

Students may contact teachers and academic mentors via their school email account on microsoft outlook which can be found at office All teachers’ email addresses can be found on the school website. 


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