The cameras have been rolling today Tuesday, 15th October 2019 in Wesley College’s Chapel, filming Savage and his new music video with our students.

To be screened on Tuesday 15th October 2019 – Te Karere 4.00pm and Seven Sharp 7.00 pm

Savage is filming a music video grounded in the message of Mental Well-being and Suicide Awareness.

He credits Wesley College with ‘saving ‘ his life and it was in chapel that Savage gave his life to God which changed him. After being expelled from two other schools, Savage was sceptical about coming to Wesley College but it was the making of him and turning point as he not only found his faith, his Wesley family but found and discovered who he himself was.

Savage has worked hard to carve out a music career never forgetting where he has come from and the School that ‘saved’ him.

Savage lost his niece to suicide which has motivated the writing of a new song and filming of a new music video which reflects his life.

We give thanks to Savage for sharing this part of his journey with us.

We give thanks to God who never leaves us alone.

Rev Ali’itasi Aoina-Salesa
Superintending Chaplain

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