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When will the election be held?

· The date of the election has changed.

· Voting in New Zealand now starts on 3 October and goes through until 7pm on election day, Saturday 17 October.

· It’s given people more time to get enrolled and ready to vote – but the sooner you enrol the better.

When do I need to be enrolled by?

· You need to be enrolled before you can vote.

· If you enrol by 13 September you’ll get information about the election and referendums in the mail along with an EasyVote card which makes voting faster.

· You can still enrol after the 13th but you’ll need to cast a special vote which takes a bit longer.

How do I enrol?

· You can enrol or update your address online at using your New Zealand driver licence, New Zealand passport or RealMe verified identity.

· You can also enrol or update your details by filling in an enrolment form. Call 0800 36 76 56 or text your name and address to 3676 to have one sent to you.

How do I decide who to vote for in the election?

· It’s your personal decision who you want to vote for.

· Over the next few weeks, the parties and candidates will be out campaigning.

· Look out for candidate meetings in your neighbourhood.

· Parties and candidates will be in the media, on social media, and they’ll have information on their websites.

· You can also use online tools like On the Fence, Vote Compass and Policy that can help you work out where parties stand on the issues that matter to you.
On the Fence:
Vote Compass:

When do I vote in the referendums?

· Two referendums are being held alongside the election.

· When you go to vote in the election, you’ll be given a voting paper for the election and a voting paper for the referendums.

· You vote in the referendums by placing a tick next to Yes or No for each question.

What are the referendums?

· You can vote on whether the End of Life Choice Act should come into force giving people with a terminal illness the option of requesting assisted dying.

· You can also vote on whether the recreational use of cannabis should become legal based on the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill. · There is more information on both referendums online at:

What if I can’t go to a voting place to vote in the election and referendums?

· We will have health measures at voting places so most people will be able to vote in person.

· However, there are other ways to vote if you can’t go to a voting place, for example for health or mobility reasons.

· You can apply for postal voting and your voting papers will be sent to you in the mail.

· You can also authorise someone to pick up your voting papers from a voting place for you – that’s called a takeaway vote.

· If you’d like to apply for postal voting or ask about takeaway voting, call our Freephone number 0800 36 76 56



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